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Explode Your Profits And Recession-Proof Your Business With MORE High-Quality Leads - MORE Sales - And Stronger, More Profitable Relationships... Without The Tech Overwhelm, Long Daily To-Do Lists, And Content Creation Hell!

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Secret #1:

How To Reverse Engineer Your Offers So You Can Hit Your Financial Goals Faster With Less Time Behind A Screen...

Secret #2:

The Secret Framework To Have Crystal Clear Clarity And Confidence Around Your Offers, Automation And Traffic Strategy...

Secret #3:

How To Create An UNLIMITED Flow Of NEW Loyal Raving Fans That Buy (Without Content Creation Overwhelm or Long Hours On Social Media!)

And So MUCH More!


In the last few years more people than ever created online businesses.

They started coaching businesses, podcasts, created courses, and even written books...

But 90% of them made UNDER $10,000.


It’s not because you are not 'smart' or 'good' enough. It is the long to-do lists that the experts are giving you, the overwhelming social media strategies - along with the complicated, overwhelming tech being recommended to you. Much of the tech being recommended is being done by experts who have teams building their systems and because it makes them a high commission for software like Katra, Clickfunnels & Kajabi.

It is NOT for those who are simple but highly efficient, who want to launch quickly (earn while you learn) AND get into profit fast without the high expenses.

PLUS you are often not being taught the few fundamentals that are essential to making $100K (or more) online without the overwhelm.

I have launched more than 150 offers and built over 250 websites for myself and clients over the past 10 years, selling live events, challenges, low-ticket products, online courses, and coaching programs that range anywhere from $9 to $15,000, in multiple niches and industries.

Each time, I have used 5 simple pillars to create the automated sales systems fast that have made my clients and myself multiple 6-figures, without the overwhelm & stress.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how I do it in this workshop.

Make sure that you have your pen and paper handy as this is not a fluffy, pitchy webinar. We are doing real work and exercises in this two-hour training to help you have crystal clear clarity and focus on how you can Explode Your Sales in the next 30 days!

In this workshop, we are working through the key concepts that will help you find the highest incoming producing activities in your business that align with your personal financial and time freedom goals.

You will discover the following...

The #1 Myth That Is Costing You Sales, Profits, And Time Freedom, plus the simple focus system I use to get more results in a couple of days than most people get in a few weeks!

ONE simple thing we changed that not only dramatically increased our profits, but cut our cut customer service emails by 75%, virtually eliminated refunds, and disputes, and allowed me to keep the size of my team small!

How to create (or fix) a sales offer that your leads are a HELL YES too, and that is simple to create, is less confusing for your clients, and reaches your financial goals faster.

What we do to turn dead, boring websites quickly into 6-figure automated sales funnel systems that triple your average order value and dramatically increase your take-home profit (with less than $50USD a month in tech subscriptions).

The FASTEST organic traffic strategy seven & even eight-figure business owners are using to consistently supercharge the high-quality leads to their offers and grow their profits without spending money on paid ads.

This Workshop is a MUST attend if…

You don't want to waste time trying to figure it out on your own. You want the simple 5-step method to creating a scaleable online business so you can get out of behind a screen and back to living a life you love.

You are stuck in content creation overwhelm trying to create numerous programs and posts for social media. Instead, you want a simple 6-figure customer journey that is easy to create and fast to automate.

You are sick of wasting time on social media, looking for individual clients, and doing endless 'coffee chats' or Zoom calls. You want a smart, leveraged traffic strategy that brings you warm leads on autopilot.

Your website, tech, and automation are all over the place, and have you so overwhelmed you have basically quit. You want a simple platform and done fast without the huge monthly overheads.

You are tired of do-it-yourself courses where the expert is not actually there to help you achieve the results they promise. You want someone who cares about your success, not just as another deposit in their bank account.

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Here's What You Will Get...

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  • 6 Figure Funnel Breakdowns
  • Podcast/Show Monetisation Secrets

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Here's What You Will Get...

  • 2 Hours of Live Training With Faith
  • Intro Video & Template For Funnel Building Software Discussed Live
  • None of VIP GOLD Pass Bonuses Listed

Join me and find out the exact system I use to create and launch multiple 6-figure businesses.

Join Us For This Workshop…

I will be teaching very specific strategies not taught by anyone else in one program.

No one trained me. I went to business school or bought online courses but they never taught me the simple strategies it took to succeed in an online business. I just figured out what works and what doesn’t by trying, failing, and succeeding over and over again.

...And Find Out What HUNDREDS Of Business Owners, Just Like You, Are Doing To Grow Their Profits And Reclaim Their Time Freedom Back With Automated Sales Funnel Systems And Easy Tech!

And NO, this is not another "see-how-great-I-am-workshop" or just a sales webinar ... I'm actually revealing the same clients pay $1k+ for!

Why is the workshop not free?

This is a great question! I explain why this workshop is not free and why your stuff shouldn't be either in this video that I did on the "Earn More, Work Less, Live Happy" Show. Click play to watch the episode below.

Will there be a replay?

You will be given instant access to the latest replay on the thank you page. For VIP ticket holders, you will also have the latest replay with Q & A Session in the VIP course area that comes with your ticket.

I am not tech savvy, will this work for me?

Ok, first thing the reason you are overwhelmed and think you are not tech-savvy is not your fault. Many gurus and experts are teaching you to use software and tech that they have teams that build in. They have no clue on how to use it but they often recommend it as they make a decent commission on the sale of it. This is the reason that so many struggle with tech...they are using the wrong platforms and trying to learn too many different subscriptions to automate their business.

We teach you how to automate with the least amount of subscriptions possible. This means less software to learn and pay for. In this training, we are also simplifying the number of things that you are trying to automate. So many people are doing too many offers, lead magnets, and systems at once which means that nothing gets finished well.

Secondly please stop saying that limiting belief over yourself. ANYONE can learn how to automate their business especially if it is simplified, they have the right tech and even better if they have templates and help so they are not alone.

How does this workshop help me simplify and get out of overwhelm?

In this workshop, we are breaking down the highest income-producing social media activities, the simplest tech that you can automate with, and the smartest systems that you can use to grow your business faster. We are doing activities and exercise with you to identify what the best strategy is for YOU, that goes with your dream lifestyle so that you can not only hit your financial goals BUT also have time freedom to live the happy life that you start your business for.

By the end of the workshop, you will know what you need to do if you want a simpler, automated business that doesn't require you to hardcore hustle and work harder.

What is the refund policy?

This workshop is non-refundable as you are given digital content instantly upon signing up. If you can not make the live session, you will have access to the replay for 24 hours to watch at your convenience.

What if I don't have a business yet or am at the start of my journey?

This is actually a great thing! So many of the people that come to me have been struggling with overwhelm and not reaching their goals because they have been trying to do too much or had the wrong automation behind them. You are blessed that you don't have to have that pain and that you can start with the simple strategies at the very beginning.

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