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Last updated 22/10/2021

Our refund policy has been created to define situations under which Social Sellers LLC will provide a refund and the procedure to claim them. By purchasing any of our products whether by a sales funnel order form or via an invoice emailed to you, you are agreeing to and accepting all the terms and conditions outlined in this refund policy. Please look carefully to see the terms relevant to your product purchase.

In order to receive any form of a refund, you must have bought it from the Social Seller's website and be able to provide a copy of the purchase receipt if requested with an order number that we can trace and that has the Social Seller's logo on it with our details.

We don’t provide refunds for change of mind. Please consider this before purchasing.

CURRENCY: ALL purchases are charged and refunded in US Dollars or in the currency in which you paid. All returns, refunds, and exchanges will also be refunded or exchanged based upon the current exchange rate of the currency you paid in. Social Sellers are not responsible for fluctuating exchange rates.

CHARGEBACKS: Requesting a chargeback or opening a dispute for a valid charge from us for services or products rendered is fraud and is never an appropriate or legal means of obtaining a refund. We are careful to keep very thorough records of all transactions including IP Addresses and we forward all copies of these details, conversations, payments, correspondence, and anything else relevant to our bank for proof that the payment was legal. Instead of issuing a chargeback, please contact us to address any billing issues.

If we receive a chargeback or payment dispute from a credit card company or bank i.e. from Square or Stripe, your project will be stopped immediately without notice. A $50USD chargeback fee (passed on from our merchant facility) plus any outstanding balances accrued as a result of the chargeback must be paid in full before the service will be restored, files delivered, and any other work done.

DIGITAL PRODUCTS: This includes any digitally downloaded product such as reports, checklists, templates, eBooks, courses and challenges, etc. There are no refunds and exchanges available for these products as these are instant download unless stated differently elsewhere. 

Please be aware that there may be some grammatical and spelling errors in written documents. Wherever possible this has been eliminated with numerous people proofreading the documents. This is not a reason for a refund.

Please note that social media and technology can change incredibly fast and this is outside of our control. While we try our utmost to ensure that everything is up to date with video re-records when things change, please be aware that this is not a ground for a refund. Let us know if anything has changed and we will work hard to recreate a new version of the video etc to match these changes.


You are entitled to a refund in the event of:

  • Social Seller's failing to start your project at all or unable to start in a 14-day period after you have completed the onboarding form and provided all required sales copy and digital assets.
  • We are unable to complete the projects as per the included inclusions and specifications in the product description.
  • You cancel within 24 hours of making the payment during our cooling-off period.
  • Us failing to communicate and keep you up to date with the progress of your website.

No Refund will be given if:

  • You fail to provide us with the completed design information and information requests, pictures, and anything else requested in order to complete your job within 30 days from the purchase your package.
  • The delays are caused as a result of you failing to provide us with or your delay in giving us the requested information for your product within 30 days from the purchase of the package.
  • You have paid a deposit and the work has commenced. If the project is postponed or canceled, a fee for all work completed that may be over the deposit may be required. You will be notified if this fee will be incurred at the time of cancellation.
  • You change your mind and decide not to proceed with the product and/or package after the standard Social Sellers 24 hour cooling off period.
  • If the project has been started and time has been spent to begin creating it. If this occurs, you will be charged an hourly rate for what has been done, even if you choose to not proceed with the website. Debt recovery procedures will be instigated if any monies are outstanding above what has been paid.
  • The project has been completed according to the product description that you purchased and completed with the content that you provided.
  • If the content was created by us and changes are an inclusion in your package, you have a 72-hour window to change anything that you would like reworded or changed but after that any changes may incur a fee equivalent to our hourly rate at our discretion.
  • You have already approved the project and decide to make changes after this approval. Any changes will incur a cost as per our hourly rate.


In the case of you choosing to cancel your domain, website, and email hosting services, no refund will be given for any fee's paid in advance in accordance with Systeme's, Dreamhost's, and Ecwid's cancellation policies. All cancellations must be made a minimum of five (5) days prior to the next payment.  No refund will be available once payment have been made.  To cancel with an external provider such as Ecwid or Systeme, you must email their support directly.  We are unable to cancel on your behalf as per privacy policy restrictions.

Social Seller's reserves the right to change, amend and/or otherwise alter the services provided with equivalent or otherwise equal services without prior notice to you. We agree to provide website hosting services according to the plan selected by you upon the activation of the account.



At the sole discretion of Social Seller's may suspend or terminate your accounts which means that you will be unable to receive emails and your website may go down if you have unpaid invoices over seven days from when they were due or if you sell any products that breach acceptable use such as pornography, adult toys, products aimed at enticing children into illegal behavior, sale of drugs, firearms and any other illegal activity based in accordance with Australian Law. Accounts terminated due to policy violations will not be refunded.

Should this happen your account will be deactivated, and you will not be able to log in. In the event of any such breach, you will be notified and given the opportunity to rectify the breach. If the breach is not remedied in seven (7) days, the account may terminate, and everything will be lost. Service charges will continue to accrue on suspended accounts i.e. hosting for the days will still be due even if your account is suspended.

Every month you are sent an invoice from Square (unless you have purchased an annual plan) that will be for your hosting and any extra's that you have on your plan such as professional email address hosting, Facebook chat etc. Invoices are due on the date that they are received like a subscription with other programs such as Shopify that do automatic payments. You can save your card on file if you would like automatic payments to happen. We have it set up so that you are reminded 7 days before the invoice is due.

Any affiliate commissions will be taken off your website hosting fees first before cash will be paid out. If you feel you are owed commission and it hasn't been taken off your invoice, please just let us know by emailing and we will investigate it for you.

If the payment is not received, Square will send you an email to remind you the next day and then 3 days after it is due. If it is not paid within 7 days, your website will be taken offline as we will cancel your subscription with Ecwid and other service providers to protect us from being charged for your plan.

Your website will be downgraded to the demo plan which will mean that it will no longer be able to checkout and will lose functionality. This could also cause you to lose information and products if you have over the allowance for products i.e. business reducing to the venture plan. Your ability to login into your website will be suspended. In addition to this, all additional features such as email accounts, Facebook chat, etc may also be switched off from your website. This may cause your email to go down if this occurs. There may be a fee to reinstate these again depending on where your website is at in the deletion process.

If your payment has not been received within 14 days from the due date, your website may be deleted which means that everything will be lost. If this occurs, we are not responsible for rebuilding any content. You will need to sign up again and rebuild your website unless you pay us to design it for you. 


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Who Is Faith Christiansen?

Over the past 20 years, Faith Christiansen has built multiple six-figure businesses with the addition of digital products and websites as passive income revenue streams.  She has worked in a variety of different industries from hospitality to travel, personal development and even run her own six-figure eCommerce business that supported a humanitarian foundation.  She has sold millions of dollars in products personally, is in the top 1% of affiliate recruiters, built and trained promoters for numerous affiliate programs  She has now founded Social Sellers to help coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs easily create passive income while still having time freedom with the use of automated sales funnels systems so they no longer have to be held hostage by complicated, expensive tech and overwhelming to-do lists.  She is on a mission to help make the world a better place by helping everyone reach their financial freedom figures faster.

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