Attention: Online Entrepreneur, Coach, and Consultant Suffering From Tech Overwhelm And An Ugly Website Or Sales Funnel

Attention: Online Entrepreneur, Coach, and Consultant Suffering From Tech Overwhelm And An Ugly Website Or Sales Funnel

What Would It Mean For Your Business If

You Could Have A Premium Sales Funnel And Offer Designed For High Conversions

By This Time Next Week

(Time to turn your website into a 24/7 ATM machine by converting your website visitors into paying customers!)

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Increase your sales & conversions

A professional website and sales funnel can work 24 hours a day to convert the high-quality leads that visit your website into buyers while also increasing the average order value of every purchase.

Convert Website Traffic To Buyers

Optimize the look, feel, and content on your sales funnel in a way that will have your website traffic pull out their credit card and become a qualified buyer on your email list - not just a freebie hunter.

Stand out from competitors

Present your business in a way that you stand out from everyone in your niche.  A good website and sales funnel creates proof that you are a high-quality brand so you can stop competing on price.

Build trust with your prospects

 A well-designed funnel gives your visitors the confidence to buy.  It can also make your brand appear higher class which means you can charge what you deserve.

Fact: 98% of your lost sales conversions

and lack of online credibility come from an ugly design and poor sales copy when people go to your website and sales funnel...

(and it takes them under 3 seconds to judge this...)

If your website traffic is not converting into sales there are usually five reasons...

Look, Avatar, Offer, Message, Traffic...

Look And Feel

Let's be honest looks count when it comes to buying online and price.  A text-heavy, ugly website automatically creates mistrust in your brand and credibility especially for those with mid-range and high-ticket offers. 

If your website looks like a DIY job which means it is hard to navigate, has too much text in big blocks, doesn't look reputable or trustworthy, people will leave your website fast.

The design also helps them know what to justify your product and service price on... Have an ugly website and they will feel your brand should have a lower price.  

Ugly will raise the money objection and be a harder sell so you will struggle to make sales as your website lacks visual credibility especially if the person visiting is cold traffic.


This is one of the biggest problems for nearly all business owners struggling with conversions.  They don't have a super clear avatar that their sales copy and social media are targeted at.  

Many businesses and entrepreneurs are making the mistake of mass marketing.  They are trying to target anyone and everyone and as such they get no one.  

While a lot of different types of people may be able to benefit from your product or service, you can't write converting sales copy that will convert a variety of people.  

Your ideal clients are usually you but a few steps behind (or years ago).

Sales Offer

If your products and services are not selling or you are constantly getting money objections it is because people don't see the benefits and value in what you are selling.  

There are some people who buy on emotions, some on looks, and others that buy on tangible inclusions.  You need to make sure your content and sales offer accounts for all types of buyers.  

You need to stop giving your prospects a way to compare you to your competitors i.e. stop charging by the hour or just selling a service or product.  Create a package that competitors will find hard to match.


A confused mind never buys...

Without having a clear person in mind when writing sales and website copy, it makes it very hard to share stories that sell and talk to them in a way that emotionally connects their problem to your solution with the benefits they will receive from buying from YOU.  

Too many websites have an overkill of information that overwhelms people or gives them enough info that they think they no longer need you.  Others are all about how amazing they the 'expert' are but don't connect the reader's needs/wants to the benefits (short and long term) of purchasing from you NOW. 

You can fall down on looks and still covert if the message is super on point and connects the readers emotionally. This is why avatar is SO important.


Let's be straight truthful...just because you have a website up does not mean the Google and Social Media Gods will send you all the paying customers you could ever want.  

You need to have a smart, simple, time-efficient traffic strategy that is driving your target avatar to the sales funnels that are specifically of interest to them.  

Plus if you want to grow astronomically faster, you need to tap into a billion-dollar, commission-only salesforce that spreads the word about your product and service for you.

The final thing is that many of these will need to change as you listen to your customers, hear objections, and learn the words they use that you can repeat back to them that will convert them easier...

This means that you will need to be able to edit your website yourself QUICKLY AND EASILY so the platform you build on needs to make that possible.  No spending hours struggling with coding or updates, done in minutes...  

We make this possible by including a 'step by step' how-to video library with all our done-for-you services that teach you how to edit and add to every part of your website and sales funnel.  This means that while you can pay us to make changes if you are time poor or don't want to learn how to edit, you don't have to...

Limited Spots Available

Does this sound like you?

​Your current
website is U.G.L.Y.

You are embarrassed to share it with friends and clients as it is boring, text-heavy and doesn't show the real value you have.

You don't have the time.

You have a business to run, clients to help and so many other things to do.  Building a website has cost you massive amounts of time and brought you to tears.

You are good at what you do, you can help people

but you don't know how to show that to people in a way that gets you high-paying clients and makes sales online.

You don't have a website!

Your social media page doesn't count.  Websites and sales funnels show you are a real business, not just a hobbyist.

You need more clients.

You are getting some traffic to your website, but you want to turn them into paying customers and raving fans.

You are not tech-savvy.

You have many talents, but anything tech is just not one of them. You need the structure designed for you so you just have to make basics edits.

You want to charge more.

You know your services or products are worth more, but you can't seem to attract the right audience who will pay you the higher price.

You have a brick-and-mortar business.

Recent global events have made you realize that you need to take your business online ASAP but you have no clue where to start.

If even ONE of the above fits you, we need to talk!

Limited Done For You Website And Funnel Build Spots Avaliable

We Work With A Limited Amount Of Clients At One Time

This allows us to give you our full attention and design skills as you need them...

There is nothing worse than paying a premium price and having to wait in line for them to get to your project.  For this reason, we only work with action takers that want to get their website and sales offer built FAST (within seven days).  This means that we can guarantee the timeframe it takes to build your new sales funnel, offer and website are seven days as you have our undivided attention.  

High Converting Websites And Sales Funnel Formula

(And What We Include In All Our Packages...)

Website & Sales Funnel Design

Turn your website and sales funnel into a 24/7 ATM machine with our professional design and strategy done for you service.

Sales Offer & Package Creation

Tap into the secrets to creating a service and product package so sexy that it is hard to say no to so you can stand out among competitors.

High Converting Sales Copy

Knowing exactly how to talk to your ideal high-paying customer in a way that makes them pull out their credit card is key to conversions.

Affiliate Program Creation

Discover how easy it can be to plug in a billion-dollar, commission-only salesforce to grow your business FASTER without paying for ads.

So, how does
your website look and make you feel?

(Or do you still not have one?)

If you know your website is something that you threw together, looks ugly, is text-heavy, and outdated...

we need to talk.

If you want to stop trying to compete on price or charging by the hour and instead create a package that people say yes to without looking at your competitors...

we need to talk.

If you want to be able to charge more for your services and GET it...

we need to talk

If you want to give a trustworthy first impression when prospects go to your website that has them pulling out their credit card...

we need to talk.

If you realize that you need to start taking creating passive income streams seriously after recent global events...

we need to talk.

If you know you have visitors coming to your site but they are just NOT converting to sales...

we need to talk.

Limited Spots Available

"Setting up your online business the right way is so important.  Go to the experts who know the modern technologies the best.  Make sure your backend operation is as smooth and efficient as possible.  It has been a really easy transition for me to go into an online business from a physical business."

Waleed Ahmed

Founder of Kore Fitness

It's your time to shine with

pages that look like these...

(Explore a few of the recent websites & funnels we've designed)

Limited Spots Available

Hi, My name is 

Faith Christiansen

I'm on a mission to simplify tech and make ugly websites and sales funnels with low conversions into automated sales assets that put money in your bank account while you sleep.

Straight truth gorgeous, high converting websites and sales funnels don't have to be hard if you have the right platform and strategies.

A well-designed website and sales funnel fills your list with high-quality buyers while establishing your business credibility faster and makes it possible to charge more and convert higher which means more profit.

Now, who doesn't deserve that? 

Better design and strategy are just better for your business, profit margins, and time freedom. I'm here to help you make that change so you can get out of overwhelm and have more time to do what you love.

Lets talk!

Here's what people are saying about us:

"I had read dozens of blogs and even taken courses on this but sitting down with Faith I was able in a very short period of time, she took my vision out of my head and made it come to life in a way that made me go people will want this.  You can sit and spend the next 500 hours to try to figure this out by yourself or you can hire Faith and nail your vision in a way that you feel excited about going and sharing it with others."

Malla Haridat

Founder of New Majority Institute

"I was really battling with social media and having terrible problems with my website.  Since talking with Faith I have changed direction in my business.  While most people are sitting and saying what am I going to do now we are in isolation, I have developed a brand new website, I am developing brand new digital products and none of this would have been possible without the coaching and inspiration that I have received.

Jeanine Croxon

Founder of Kaeshae Wings Of Hope

"I wanted to give me customer's a commission for doing the referral service for me.  I don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to set an affiliate system up.  I just had to give you the basic information and you set it all up for me, just like plug and play.  Made it so easy I didn't even have to think about it.  Now I can get more of my product out into the marketplace without a huge budget.  I have been an affiliate so I know how powerful this can be for a business.  I have seen it work before and I am glad I have it set up in my business now.

Melissa Jane

Founder of Lujo Home

I love to receive
messages like
from clients

What would it mean to your business if prospects and clients are impressed and attracted by what they see?

You would have raving fans that would buy Over and Over Again.  Plus they would refer you to everyone you know so you would be building a string affiliate team EASILY.

All this is possible if you treat your
branding & funnel right!

Limited spots avaliable

Still have questions?

See some of our most frequently asked questions with answers below.

❔ Who is this service for exactly?

This service is for coaches, consultants, and business owners looking to take their brand and business to the next level, and appear as an authority so that they can charge more money for their services or products.

Anyone can create a website, but to build and design one that is conversion-optimized and look professionally branded is a different game altogether.

❔ What platform do you build on?

We build on one of two platforms depending on your business, products, and budget.  All service and digital product services are built on Systeme.  This is an all-in-one platform that is super cost-effective.  It can house your website, sales funnels, blogs, email systems, affiliate program, and course - all in one place.

All our eCommerce websites are built on Ecwid with some also having Systeme for their signature product sales funnels, email capacity and so much more. It is the platform trusted by thousands of businesses making over 6, 7, and even 8 figures with it.

We can also build in Clickfunnels as well.

❔ How hands on does it require me to be?

Don't worry 😎  We can tailor every package to suit your needs.  If you want to be super hands-on you can provide us with all the graphics, videos, and sales copy for your website.  This will keep your price down.

However, we know that some people need help with their sales copy, imagery or just want it down with minimal input.  This costs more but gives a higher chance of conversion in most cases as we are creating all the sales copy and design with creative freedom.

We have a questionnaire that you complete once payment is made so we are able to create something that you will love.

❔ Do I need a funnel for my business?

If your business requires leads and sales to function, then the answer is yes, you need to be using funnels, or else your business will lose out to all the others who are using them.

A bold claim - but we know it's true. More than 200,000 small business owners are already using funnels globally.

Implement it in your business, and see the impact that it brings yourself.

❔ What if I have a physical product or eCommerce concept?

Our first six-figure business was in eCommerce and so we are super experienced with being able to create a store that will help you stand out from every other Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace, or WooCommerce store.

Whether you're selling a digital or physical product, your business needs a landing page designed to get sales.  Many stores struggle with sales because 'a confused mind doesn't buy.

You should be taking advantage of sales funnels with a signature product package to increase your conversion rates, average order value, and build a strong relationship with your customer so they constantly return and purchase new products from your business.

❔ What if I need more design hours than what is included in my package?

We have a discounted tech rate for everyone who buys a done-for-you website and sales funnel build so you never have to worry about paying retail.  You will know any extra costs that you will incur upfront so you can make an informed decision.

Ready To Convert Your Website Traffic
Into Paying Clients?

Well, that is it...time to make a decision.  Time to decide if you want to lose any more sales and not charge your worth because of an ugly, non-converting website and sales funnel or decide now is the time to get to your financial freedom figure faster.

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