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What Would It Mean For Your Income If You Knew How The Social Media Algorithms Worked So That You Could Get Them Running In Your Favor And Get More Of Your Content Seen By Your Target Market?

Increased Visibility

Discover the secrets to getting your content seen by targted people on your followers and friends list.

Higher Engagement

Know the rules to getting the algorithms to show your posts to more people so you can increase engagement.

Less Posting

Learn how you can post less but get more engagement to gain credibility and trust factor on every post.

More Sales

Make more sales with fewer people on your list by creating true raving fans, not just freebie hunters.


WE NEED EYEBALLS on us in order to grow our income and business!

Poor cash flow and lack of marketing skills are two of the BIGGEST reasons that many people quit or are forced to close their businesses. BOTH of these problems come from not getting enough eyeballs on you, your product, or your service and converting them to buyers!

Hope Marketing DOES NOT WORK.  Attracting quality leads from Facebook's HUGE DATABASE only comes from marketing EFFECTIVELY with a proven strategy that works with the algorithm and not just hoping that people come to us or playing the spam game.

If nobody sees our content, if we can't build connections and get people engaged, we are not able to spread our mission and we will not make the sales or help those that we have made it our mission to serve.  This means that those who need us may miss our message that could change their lives or at least help them in some way and of course, we will not be able to achieve our business and personal goals.

If you are taking the time to post you know that your message is important and that more people need to see it.  Learn the rules of engagement for the Facebook algorithm and you will STOP getting crickets and screaming into an abandoned building.

"What Would You Do With An Extra

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This Is What We Will Cover In This "Hack The Algorithms Challenge"...


How To Set Up For Your Profile's For Success And Lockdown Your Security Settings To Minimise Chances Of Being Hacked.

Most people don't have their Facebook profiles set up in a way that attracts their target market. In this first lesson, we teach you some core principles to set up your Facebook profiles so you become someone that people want to connect with.  We also look at your security settings so you can be safe from being hacked.


How To Time Your Posts And Hack The Algorithm So You Can Get More Engagement And Be Seen In The Newsfeed Over And Over...

Pillar One is often overlooked by many marketers but if you can nail it or at least know how to hack it, you can make sure that your content is seen and boosted back into the newsfeed at various times of the day.


How To Avoid Facebook KILLING Your Organic Reach On Your Posts...(And Attract More Engagement On Your Content)

This second pillar is one of the one's that if you mess with it, Facebook will kill your organic reach.  It is the one that so many marketers break and then wonder why they don't get the reach and instead get crickets.  If you mess with this one, not only is that post cactus but Facebook will punish future posts.  It is also the one that attracts people to you...


How To Get More People To See Your Content (Without A Huge Friend's List)

This third pillar is seriously the most important pillar of Facebook and pretty much EVERY social media platform.  It is the one that people stuff up most commonly and the one that kills many people's organic reach.  Nail this one and even if you screwed up the rest, you would still win...


How To Manipulate The Chances Of Your Posts Being Seen In The Facebook Algorithm...

The fourth pillar is the hardest of the four to control but by at least knowing how it operates you can learn how to manipulate it in your favour.  Understanding this pillar will help you on nearly every social media platform as this is the score that they all use to decide if you get seen or not.



"Create Your Lead Strategy" Webinar

"Hack The Algorithm" Fast Start

Having a lead strategy is the difference between making money from the start with Facebook and being the person that loses their income if they were shut down for some random reason.  In this webinar, we go over 3 secrets that you need to know to monetize your Social Media and Protect Yourself From a Social Media Shutdown.


"Hack The Algorithm Fast Start"

The Introductory Version of the challenge

We were asked to come and do a presentation on the basics of the "Hack The Algorithm Challenge" for a group of newbies that were joining a sales team.  In this 30 minute presentation, we went over the basics to teach them how to get more organic reach.




Faith Christiansen is a serial business builder who specializes in selling organically online via social media and through an affiliate team.  She helps business owners grow engaged audiences for their brands without ads.

In The "Hack The Algorithm Challenge" she is going to show you the trick and strategies that she has learned over the past seven years of building on Facebook how you can hack the pillars that sit beneath most social media platforms so you can grow your reach and income with more targeted leads.

She teaches you the sneaky way that you can hack into Facebook's huge database WITHOUT the traditionally spammy way that so many others teach.  She shows you how to tell stories, connect, build rapport and engage with your leads so they become raving fans...instead of just having to run the numbers gauntlet.

By learning these skills you will not only be able to help yourself grow your leads and sales but also teach the fundamentals to your affiliate teams so they can help you grow even FASTER.

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