Traditional Websites Are DEAD!

You Need A Website That Can Get Money Deposited Into Your Bank Account While You Sleep, Not Something That Just Costs You Money...


Discover The Five Simple Secrets To Creating An Infinitely Scalable Business That Generates Six And Seven Figures From Automated Income Streams (Without Complicated And Expensive Tech) 

You Need Simple, Quick, Easy And Done So That You Can Grow Your Profits And Get Back To Changing The World...

What Is A Sales Funnel And How Can They Help You?

A sales funnel is a new form of a website that allows us to mimic the core functions of the traditional website like you see with this webpage but also turns your website into a money-making machine that can create income even when you are sleep.

For the social entrepreneurs that are new, this video is from my affiliate training course but is super helpful for understanding the layout of a sales funnel and how it can increase the purchases of your products and services.  It shows how easy an order bump and one-click upsells work so you can increase your sales dramatically.

The addition of digital products is SUPER powerful to not only create revenue but also to liquidate ad costs so they stop coming out of your pocket, create a whole new product range that you create once and they can be sold over and over GLOBALLY plus allows you answer objections and grow your email list.  Guess what...we have training that shows you how you can have digital products to sell on your website in under 10 minutes and with less than $100!

With some creativity and my genius zone for finding the money you are leaving on the table, we can have a new product (or range of products) that you can lead your new contacts too that will increase your profits.  The best part is you pay to create them once and you can sell that one thing an unlimited amount of times.  This means you can truly turn on the infinite income tap and you don't need to do anything except keep referring people to that funnel.

All websites that we build are customised to meet the customer's needs and requirements so no two are ever the same.  We use customisable templates that we have created for some parts to help speed up the creation process so that you can have your website FASTER!


What Do You Need Help With?


Converting Sales Copy

Video Sales Letters

Funnel Creation

Website Redesign


Product Ideas

Digital Product Creation



Print On Demand


Product To Packages


Selling Packages

Sales Copy

Avatar Targeting

Sales Scripts


Webinar Creation

Email Sequences

Affiliate Program

How We Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine...


We help you get a smart website and sales funnel system created FASTER that will increase your revenue dramatically with high conversion rates.  You can choose to have us use our digital marketing skills to build it all for you (avoid learning everything except the editing essentials) or you can choose the DIY method by following our simple video courses to create your own website from scratch.


This is key to turning your website into a higher converting sales machine that can make sales 24 hours a day.  Together we design an easy to implement, automated sales funnel strategies that will get your website making you money on autopilot while you sleep.  Wake up to money in the bank without you needing to do anything but market to your ideal customers.  Let it turn every visit to your website into cash.

Digital Product Creation

Learn how you can create a digital product that you can be selling in as little as UNDER A HOUR!  We teach you the exact step-by-step strategies to use to create digital products so you can turn on the income tap whenever you want.  The best part is it's all done with easy and cost-effective tech so no overwhelm if you can follow a video.  

We can even do it for you!

Organic Social Media

Social media can be simple if you know the four pillars that sit behind pretty much every algorithm and how to hack them.  From there you need a powerful, yet simple strategy to bring targeted eyeballs to your business.  You don't need thousands of followers to hit 6 or even 7 figures, you can do it with just 1,000 loyal fans!  Learn how we find new leads and hack the algorithms.

Turn On Referral Tap

This is one of the most underutilised and BIGGEST missing pieces in the traffic strategy of most businesses!  Tap into two BILLION DOLLAR Industries with a commission-based sales team (no wages or retainers) that bring your clients to you at all hours of the day.  Get hundreds of people spreading the word about you and your missions so you can grow your profits even FASTER.

A Few Website Examples...

High Converting Low Ticket Sales Funnel Example...

This shows the steps in a basic sales funnel that does not have an order bump.  These two challenges were being sold separately in the beginning and I missed out on a lot of upsells from the 1st to the 2nd challenge as a result of not selling them together.  

Now they make up a part of our Facebook Bootcamp and is one of our most popular sellers even though the sales funnel is very simple.  It has two upsells and makes $173 per sale if all upsells are bought with a minimum spend of $27 and an average order value of $74...

Squeeze/Sales Page

Order Form

1 Click Upsell - 1

1 Click Upsell - 2

Thank You Page

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Listen to the experience that Waleed Ahmed from KoreFit Life had with Social Sellers building his website, sales funnels, membership area and Facebook group.

All Created Using Systeme.  You Can Learn More By Clicking Here...

Hi, I'm Faith Christiansen

Tech Junkie & Founder Of Social Sellers

I’m not some big shot “marketing guru” and I won’t tell you I have some bullshit 'get rich quick scheme' in just 2 minutes of work a day because it doesn't exist.  

I can tell you, however, that I’ve personally sold millions in my own businesses and those that I have worked for.  I have been building websites, sales funnels and digital products since I was 17.  I love sales and tech.  I hate complicated and overwhelming!  

With my own humanitarian foundation, I generated six-figures and never took a single cash donation, grant or sponsorship.

After years in tech and sales, I know the activities that bring the highest return so I stripped everything back to the 20% of activities that produce the BIGGEST results so you can create automated income and turn on your traffic and income tap.  

I know from experience that one of the biggest barriers stopping social entrepreneurs and charities from achieving success online is the time-consuming tech stuff and the fact that their websites are not ATM machines. But here’s the thing about me, I love getting my hands dirty with all those fiddly bits and IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD OR TIME-CONSUMING!

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my Five Secrets with the simple tools and techniques you need to make your income goals and social mission a reality and take your business to the next level with greater profit margins.

Why Should You Listen To Social Sellers...

I am just like you but just a few steps ahead on the tech and digital marketing path... I personally live and breath this industry and study it for fun.  It is my mission to constantly keep my skills up to date and simplifying so you can have the simplest and fastest tech and methods to achieve your goals.

Over the past 20 years, I have helped build multiple six-figure businesses with the addition of digital products, my storytelling copywriting skills and easy websites.  I have taken events from running at a loss to making a profit multiple passive income revenue streams with a waitlist to attend the high ticket retreats.  

I have worked in business management in a variety of different industries from hospitality to travel, personal development and even run my own six-figure humanitarian foundation in Africa.  

I have sold millions of dollars in products personally, built and trained promoters for numerous affiliate programs, and now founded Social Sellers to help other social entrepreneurs like me quickly and easily create passive income for their social missions with the use of sales funnels and digital products.  

We no longer have to be held hostage to relying on donations, begging for corporate sponsorships and applying for complicated grants.  The digital world has made it so that charities and social enterprises can be assets people want to pay into, rather than a second thought or just a tax-deduction.  

I am on a mission to help 10,000 social entrepreneurs and enterprises make the world a better place by helping those like you with social missions to grow to six and seven-figure social enterprises that can truly have a massive impact in this world.

More Of The Awesome People We Have Worked With...

Our Social Enterprise...

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is...

10% off all Social Seller's Sales Is Donated To The Life Without Limitations Foundation To Invested in Social Enterprises That Need Investment To Spread Their Word...

Since the projects in Zimbabwe in their current state were no longer feasible we were forced to close doors in May 2019.  Since then the economic situation of Zimbabwe has gotten worse, especially since the pandemic commenced.  We are currently looking for a way to work in Zimbabwe again and are still legally registered as a ngo (not for profit) but have not found a way to ensure transparency and that the funds will be spent the way they are intended.

We have not given up and are constantly looking for ways to help those that are struggling in poverty both in Zimbabwe and in other developing countries in the world.  It is impossible for anyone to truly be stable in economic environments that are crashing.  You can go to a job in Zimbabwe but there is no guarantee that they will have the funds to pay you so you still starve and struggle.

Social Sellers is the funding partner that gives funds and digital marketing support to feasible social mission and projects that are brought before us.  We offer scholarships, reduced website hosting fees and digital work opportunities to those struggling in poverty in third world countries but who have a passion for helping others and a curiosity around learning the digital space and improving their lives.

Photo's From Our Mission In Zimbabwe


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Who Is Faith Christiansen?

Over the past 20 years, Faith Christiansen has built multiple six-figure businesses with the addition of digital products and websites as passive income revenue streams.  She has worked in a variety of different industries from hospitality to travel, personal development and even run her own six-figure eCommerce business that supported a humanitarian foundation.  She has sold millions of dollars in products personally, is in the top 1% of affiliate recruiters, built and trained promoters for numerous affiliate programs  She has now founded Social Sellers to help coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs easily create passive income while still having time freedom with the use of automated sales funnels systems so they no longer have to be held hostage by complicated, expensive tech and overwhelming to-do lists.  She is on a mission to help make the world a better place by helping everyone reach their financial freedom figures faster.

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